Dream is the biggest motivation for me. It will lead you to the way u really want and expected. I am an ordinary girl but has strong passion with many targets on my life. Perfectionist one who love humor so much.

Love Allah SWT, Rassullulah, Mamah, Ayah, and teteh kesayangan :D
  • "Am I ready? I am not ready enough actually!
    This is not a quotation but it just a form of my joke -.-"
  • Interpersonal Intellegence

    I just tried a personality quiz from playbuz. Firstly, I just want to know for fun in the other hand I don’t know why this quiz is always true.

    Not to be confused with intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence is being aware of the people around you. This means you have the capacity to detect and respond appropriately to the moods, motivations, and desires of others. You know what to do in situations involving the people around you. Though not all with dominant interpersonal types are, you tend to be an extrovert and enjoy social events. You are a team-player and are very empathetic.
    Some jobs that fit the interpersonal intelligence type is:
    -Social worker
    -Travel agent

  • "Sometimes, we think our choice better than God’s. Actually, God knows more about us, everything is arranged beautifully and carefully. Everything has a time, there is a time for us to study, to sleep, to pray and others. I do believe, He never hurts every people who believe in Him deeply."
  • *cuma posting

    Obrolan pagi-pagi antara anak dan ibunya di dapur. haha.

    Mama : kamu kalo mau kerja di Jakarta sok aja, tp akan lebih baik kalo disana ada temen laki-laki yg punya kendaraan supaya bisa nganter-nganter kan gak usah ngerepotin ayah yg jg lg sibuk.
    Aku : ………………….*hening*

    Jadi aku harus macarin mamang ojek aja gitu mah -.-“

  • karenapuisiituindah:

    Percayalah bahwa jatuh cinta lagi (kali ini pada yang benar jodohmu) adalah pasti terjadi.



  • Family gathering :) look at those cute kitten! I feel really wanna bite them. LoL
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    September 25
  • Adimas Immanuel.

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  • "Berbahagialah yang diterima seseorang tanpa melihat masa lalumu, kau diberi hadiah termewah meski kemasannya sederhana."